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Our Massage Therapists were all trained at an accredited program.  The RMT's are in good standing with the governing body CMTBC and association RMTBC.  With up to 3000 hours of training in school alone and more than two decades of clinical experience, we are more than capable of recognizing the needs of every patient that walks through the door.


Our Massage Therapists work with soft tissue restrictions that may cause dysfunction throughout the entire body.  Muscles, tendons and ligaments are all addressed which gives the patient the sense of a deeper, focused and therapeutic treatment.


Massage therapy can bring a great deal of relief to all types of body issues including:

Muscle Strains, Overuse Injuries, Restricted Range of Motion, Daily or Chronic Stress, Chronic Pain Syndromes, Headaches/Migraines, Whiplash, Nerve Compression Syndromes, Postural Dysfunction, TMJ Dysfunction, aches and pains due to Pregnancy and much much more.  

With a Medical Doctor as part of the team we at VIP Therapy have a whole new dynamic within the clinic which allows us to better serve our patients.  Not only does our MD practise her own types of therapy she also acts as a mentor and has a wealth of knowledge to share with all of our practitioners.


Our MD has been involved with Acupuncture Canada for over 18 years not only studying but teaching the techniques to other therapists as well.  With almost 35 years of Family Practice Medicine under her belt and a vast amount of knowledge involving the Muskulo-Skeletal systems, she is able to give great attention to issues in the body.  Our MD offers Trigger Point Injection Therapy, Dry Needling techniques and is also a Registered Acupuncturist thus broadening her scope and offering more types of treatments to her patients.

Acupuncture is known to help with the following body issues including but not limited to:

Relaxation, Stress Elimination, Sports Injuries, Sprains, Whiplash, Overuse Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Nerve Pain, Osteoarthritis/Degenerative Joint Disease, Chronic Headache, Infertility and even support through Cancer Treatments with Nausea and Vomiting​.

Trigger Point Injections are used to help with the following body issues including but not limited to:

Whiplash, Sprain/ Strain Injuries, Mechanical Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Any/All Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Headaches with a muscular tension component, Temporomandibular (jaw) Pain, Muscular Pain/Tightness with no other identifiable cause

Now Meet our Team and take one step closer to your pain free and happier self!!!

Katherine (Katie) DeHaan, RMT & Clinic Owner

Katie is a graduate of West Coast College of Massage Therapy.  Being an active and athletic youth and working for over a decade in the service industry she found that she really enjoys people and being part of a team.  Coming from a family of health care professionals Katie always knew that she would do something to help people.  She has a curious mind and is always looking to learn more about the issues/dysfunctions that is presented to her in practise.  She believes in all avenues of health and is proud to be a part of someone's team when ailments arise.  Katie tends to focus on deep tissue release, mild joint mobilizations, active release tehniques, fascial work and trigger point release during treatments to help her patients leave the room lighter and pain free.  She enjoys working with prenatal women for she believes the experience is truly unique and a joy to be a part of.  With a chatty disposition Katie enjoys getting to know the patient in all aspects of mind, body and spirit.

Katie is currently not accepting any New Patients at this time.

Jackie Moore, RMT

Having recently graduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in New Westminster,  Jackie is so excited to be working with the VIP Therapy team of practitioners as newly certified Registered Massage Therapist.  She is equally excited to welcome new & current patients through their door!

Jackie was first drawn to Massage Therapy after experiencing the numerous healing and health benefits personally. She now find true joy in seeing the difference she can make in her patients lives, whether giving them symptomatic relief from a chronic condition or simply decreasing muscle tension caused by their day to day life stresses. 

"Its the satisfaction in knowing that I am helping my patients that has kept me going on this journey through school & towards my official Registered Massage Therapist status. 

Tsawwassen is a wonderful little town, a place I have always called home & I'm very much looking forward to this new chapter in my life!" - Jackie

Alexandra (Lex) Baergen, RMT

Lex is a graduate of Vancouver College of Massage Therapy.  In the past Lex was a professional dancer in Canada and Europe. Being an athlete she understands the importance of rehabilitation and maintenance therapy.  She strives to be a part of someone’s health care team with referring to other health care practitioners.  She also takes the time to understand what the full picture of her patient's issue may entail.  She is committed to working towards a therapeutic and goal-oriented relationship with her patients to keep them doing what they love.  She applies her Graston Technique and Kinesio Taping within most of her treatments to provide her patients a more beneficial outcome with lasting results.  Lex supports whole body and balanced lifestyles and treats accordingly while using her knowledge and skills to help people reach their optimal goals.

Lex is currently not accepting any New Patients at the time.

Alanna Haines, Graduated Intern

A Graduated Intern is someone who has completed an accredited Massage Therapy program and is waiting to write the BC board exams to become a fully licensed RMT.

This is a great alternative for patients that:

- have acute pain and can't wait to see a RMT

- have no insurance, limited insurance or have used up their benefits

- want a great treatment at a discounted rate while ensuring the high standards and quality of a college graduate

*Please note that treatments booked with a Graduated Intern CANNOT be claimed to extended health benefits, WCB or ICBC.* 

Tianna Storvold, RMT

Bio coming soon.....

Dr. Carmen Eadie MD, CCFP, RAc

Carmen graduated from the University of Manitoba School of Medicine in 1980.  She has been practicing Family Medicine in BC for over 37 years.  Throughout her years of practice she noticed that certain pain disorders were a challenge to treat.  This is when she developed an interest in Acupuncture for the treatment of pain.  She then certified in Anatomical Acupuncture through Acupuncture Canada and has been an instructor/examiner for that organization since 1998.  During that time, she also studied Dry Needling with Dr. Cynthia Gokavi and applied these techniques in her practice with great results.  In the 1990’s, Acupuncture became a controlled activity and she found it more difficult to provide Acupuncture treatments within her practice. Because of this, she became versed in Trigger Point Injection Therapy and has been very successful when providing these services to her patients to treat Musculo-Skeletal pain.  Carmen graduated from a 3 year Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Program in June 2016 and then successfully wrote the Licensing Examinations in Oct 2016 and Jan 2017.  She is now a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac) and can provide these Traditional Acupuncture services to her patients as well.

Being versed in both Western Medicine needling techniques and Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, she is very well qualified to help patients find the best treatment, or mix of treatments, that they need to help improve both their pain and function.  She is truly excited to be able to bring these styles of treatments to the South Delta area and looks forward to meeting you soon!!

*To book an appointment with Dr. Eadie please call the clinic at 604-948-0260 or e-mail admin@viptherapy.ca