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We ask for patience and understanding as we implement the changes needed. 

We want to put our best foot forward to make sure we provide the safest care to everyone. Every protocol will need to be adhered to for everyone’s health and safety. They are to protect patients as well as the therapists and our families. We hope that respectful encounters and clear expectations will help us transition into our new office regime. If you feel you cannot comply we are truly sorry but we cannot treat you at this time.


Some of our new protocols are as follows:

-There will be a COVID specific Intake/Consent form that ALL patients, new and returning, MUST fill out before the first treatment. We will also send out a Pre-screening Survey via email 36 hours before ALL appointments. If the Intake/Survey are not completed then be aware that your practitioner may call you to get the information needed.  If we do not receive the information needed then the appointment will be cancelled and an incomplete paperwork fee will be applied.

-Please do not show up more then 5 minutes early to the office. This will ensure that your Practitioner is ready for you as well as to help decrease traffic within the clinic.  If you are early please use the washroom and wait in the hallway until we call you in.  If it is your appointment time then please enter and take a seat at the bench.

-Patients MUST wash their hands before entering, preferably in the washroom with soap and water. Hand sanitizer is available in the reception area to use upon entry.

-Masks are be worn AT ALL TIMES. We ask that it is clean and fresh.

-We will be doing extensive cleaning of treatment rooms and reception area between patients.

-We are staggering appointments to decrease traffic within the reception area. Due to this certain appointment lengths are unavailable when booking online.

- If someone in your household has had any symptom of ANY cold/flu or virus in the last 10 days then we ask that you cancel your appointment.  We will try to rebook your appointment but after 10 days of the cancellation date or 10 days after symptoms have resolved.

-Everyone coming to the clinic is expected to do daily personal checks. This may result in therapists and/or patients needing to cancel appointments within the same day. We will try our best to give as much notice as we can and hope that patients do the same. Our cancellation policy will be less restrictive to accommodate but NO SHOW appointments will be charged full price if there is no attempt to communicate with VIP Therapy.

If you have any other questions or concerns please call the office and we will be happy to help.

For the full "Back To Practice" document click here

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